Friday, May 11, 2007

New graduation requirements in Oregon

Starting this year, seniors in Oregon high schools are required to submit a career-related project in order to graduate. This project can be a wide variety of forms of media such as doing job shadows, a community project and a research paper that must pass inspection by a judging panel of community members. The purpose of this requirement is to the students to demonstrate what they have learned in their high school classes. Also, they must complete at least one career-related learning experience, from attending a job fair to interning in a workplace. And they must do something called an extended application, the senior project. This is suppose to allow the students to learn more about careers that interested them. I feel that is a beneficial way for students to learn more about themselves before they leave high school. For the most part, the majority of high school seniors have no clue on what they want to major in college. This graduation requirement is a good step to allow them investigate careers that meet their passions.

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