Thursday, May 10, 2007

California & NCLB act

California oppose the deadline of NCLB which is 2014. It is important to meet the needs of each student that walks into the doors of a school building. However, California wants to do it without a definite time line. There must be another way of determining if educators are meeting the standards and needs of students than requiring mandated state examinations. The teachers want schools to be judged by criteria other than tests alone, such as graduation rates and attendance. And they want schools that improve to be seen as successful under the law; currently, even an improving school can be deemed a failure if it doesn't improve fast enough. Right now, in California, 24.4 percent of students are supposed to score at grade level in English this year, and 26.5 percent have to do as well in math. Next year, the percentages climb to more than 35 percent. As a result, the fate of the 2014 deadline remains unclear.

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