Friday, September 19, 2008

Academic obstacles in college

Obstacles in college

When freshmen go off to college, they face huge obstacles along the way, particularly in academics.

1) In high school, students tend to study only 2 hours-4 hours a week, if they did this in college, they would most likely fail miserably. While I was in college, I think that I studied 15-20 hours a week. Even good students can struggle in college and I was one of them. I did not fail miserably but there were some terms that I wished that I could lighter schedules.
2) Academic preparation--majority of American high school student lack academic preparation. This is either from the failure of their school district or the student takes easy classes while in high school so that they can have an active social life. While they are in college, they are required to take remedial classes that they should have taken in high school. The remedial classes will slow down the student from graduating if they can survive the 4+ years of college.

Why do girls avoid science??

Girls avoiding science classes

When girls are asked on what subjects they avoid, the typical answer is science and mathematics. However, there is one way of helping girls to become more interest in these two subjects: self-confidence. The self-confidence instilled by parents and teachers is considered to be more important for young girls learning math and science than their initial interest. As their self-confidence grows, so does their interest in science and mathematics. Teachers need to give the girls positive experiences with the two subjects in order for them to feel that they can succeed.

# of AP exams taken have increased in Chicago

Number of AP tests taken

Over the last 5 years, the number of AP tests taken have increased in Chicago by 108% (17,523 AP exams in 2008, up from 8,433 in 2004). This is great for high achieving that would like to earn some college credit before they go off to college. The increase is part of giving all high school students access to taking the AP classes and exams. This could throw the majority of the results to one direction. Not every student is capable of taking AP classes alone the test. In fact, only 1/3 of the students actually earned a 3 or better on their AP tests, which is the required score to earn some college credit. Even if the student does not get the minimum score to earn college credit, they would still see how fast a college course runs.