Friday, September 19, 2008

Academic obstacles in college

Obstacles in college

When freshmen go off to college, they face huge obstacles along the way, particularly in academics.

1) In high school, students tend to study only 2 hours-4 hours a week, if they did this in college, they would most likely fail miserably. While I was in college, I think that I studied 15-20 hours a week. Even good students can struggle in college and I was one of them. I did not fail miserably but there were some terms that I wished that I could lighter schedules.
2) Academic preparation--majority of American high school student lack academic preparation. This is either from the failure of their school district or the student takes easy classes while in high school so that they can have an active social life. While they are in college, they are required to take remedial classes that they should have taken in high school. The remedial classes will slow down the student from graduating if they can survive the 4+ years of college.

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