Monday, March 24, 2008

Tougher programs for gifted students

Tougher programs for gifted students

Right now, the identification for gifted students is that they score at least 130 on an IQ test and perform at least one grade level above their peers in one or more subjects. The proposed change would classify students as gifted if they meet the IQ threshold or meet multiple other criteria. Advocates said the change is needed because IQ tests don't always flag gifted students, particularly those from disadvantaged homes, children with disabilities and deep-thinkers who don't do well on timed tests. However, there are school districts believe that if the student does not meet the magic number, they cannot get into the school's district gifted program no matter what the recommendations say. This is truly a shame because each student is an individual that has his/her own strengths and weaknesses.

Anti-bully act passes in Florida's Senate

Anti-bully act in Florida's Senate

Last year, this act was blocked in Florida's state Senate, which is a shame. The reasoning behind blocking the act in the first place was that the government felt that things would taken care of themselves without legislation. However, that is not the case...I feel that states and local governments need to get tougher about bullying issues that are occurring in the schools on a daily basis. To prove that this is a serious issue, the bill was named after a teenager that was bullied on a daily much that he committed suicide in 2005.