Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goggle and research--"Power Browsing"

Goggle and Researching

In the past, when a high school needed to do some research for a class, they would spend a long time in the school or public library. However, now, the main engine for researching about information for a class or paper, teens would turn to Goggle for some help. There are some good indications as well as some bad ones. With Goggle, there is tons of information right at the user's fingertips. However, with all this information, is the student learning to look at information at a deeper level or are they just touching the surface about the topic? Teens minds are going at a rapid speed, just like the pace that Goggle finds the information. Also, students tend to get used to reading items that Goggle gives them, so teens tend to get bored with traditional reading and research strategies. People who use the internet for research have very specific and identifiable habits. For example, they tend to seek information horizontally--meaning they skim, or bounce from page to page, without reading in depth and rarely return to a previous source.


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