Friday, May 11, 2007

Bush defends NCLB

Recently, George W. Bush defended the No Child Left Behind Act, which was signed in 2001. He said the purpose of the act is to help schools rather than fail them. Schools tend to give more attention to kids who often struggle the most, which are the ones that are near the passing mark. However, the students that struggle are sometimes overlooked such as the TAG and lowest achieving students. This is truly unfortunate. I believe that students, teachers and schools need to be held accountable but not punished for their progress in school subjects. I feel that he needs to make the expectations alittle more realistic than getting every kid to at 100% by 2014. I know that every kid can learn but not at the same rate. If a student showed good progress in understanding subject material but did not perform very well on the standardized tests, does that mean that he/she is failure? I do not think so because there should be more an emphasis on how students are doing in the classroom than just the yearly standardized exams. It is not fair to compare two years of eighth graders because they are not the same students. Sometimes one year, the students perform very well on that state and the next year, they might not fare very well.

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