Friday, June 20, 2008

At what cost to improve reading test scores??

Since NCLB Act was passed in 2001, it appears that the lowest 10% student seem to gain more spects than the top 10% in terms of increasing the state reading test scores for 4th graders. The scores of the lowest-achieving students increased by 16 points on a 280-point scale, compared with a gain of three points for top-achieving students. This is truly a shame because all students need to be helped to succeed on the rigorous state tests. However, most teachers and school districts ignore the high achieving students because they feel that can succeed on their own and pile their resources on helping the lowest achieving students. It is fine to help the lowest achieving students so that they can succeed on the state exams but what about the higher achieving students? They probably feeling cheated on due to that their test scores are not increasing as much as they hope that they would.

Poor high achieving students

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