Saturday, June 7, 2008

4 AP Classes cut

Back in April, the College Board decided to cut 4 AP classes off of their list. 3 of them, I can understand because they are not highly valuable anymore, which are talian, Latin literature, French literature. The fourth class that was cut bugs me, which is Computer Science AB class.

Apparently this is one of the least popular AP classes that are offered by College Board. Italian, introduced three years ago, has attracted 1,642 students and 305 teachers nationwide, one-fifth the number who expressed interest before it was created, AP officials said. Courses in French and Latin literature serve 2,068 and 3,771 students, respectively. The most popular AP subjects, including U.S. history and English literature, reach hundreds of thousands of students each year.

The elimination of courses comes on the heels of the College Board's first quality-control audit of the AP program, which asked teachers nationwide to prove that they were teaching a class worthy of the AP label. As a result, the organization has direct e-mail contact with every AP teacher. Other AP courses have been eliminated in past years -- music listening and literature was cut in 1991. But never have multiple classes been deleted at the same time.

Apparently, there are no plans to cut any other AP class within the next 5 years.

AP Language, Computer Courses Cut article

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