Friday, March 23, 2007

Elimination of Texas' traditional exit exams

While I was in a Texas high school, I had to take an exit-exam during my sophomore year in order to receive a diploma. Recently, a change in the exit-exam has been issued in which 12 end-of-course exams would be administrated in the core subject areas (science, math, English, and social studies). Students have to get a cumulative score of 840 on all 12 exams in order to get a high school diploma. These tests would be given online which would mean that it would take several days to administer the tests. Also, these tests would have students to take end-of-course exams during all four years of high school.

These are the end-of-course exams that students would need to pass in order to get a high school diploma in Texas.

English: English I, English II, English III

•Math: algebra I, geometry, algebra II

Science: biology, chemistry, physics

Social Studies: world geography, world history, U.S. history

By looking at this listing of test areas, not many students would be able to take the physics test unless there are differential levels of physics in a high school. Also, not every student learns at the same level or pace. So, this means that each of these tests would have to be at different levels. Or, will there be only one test given to each student?

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