Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheating & NCLB Act

I read an article about how high-stakes testing can promote people to cheat. Cheating on tests has been a fact of life. However, what is amazing is that it is the teachers that are doing the cheating. Sometimes the teacher would copy some of the questions from a previous year's state test and distribute to their students. These questions end up being passed from teacher to teacher. When it comes to testing day, the questions are usually relatively similar to the copied questions. In my opinion, this is wrong. As an educator, we are suppose to be teaching our students about ethics and moral values. This act of cheating illustrates that it is alright to ignore ethical values in order to do well. Cheating does not get a person to succeed in life. Sure, it may help one's test score to increase but the person would not truly know the information. The main result of cheating is that it would eventually catch up with you. This is exactly what is occurring with the teachers that copy test questions and distribute them as a worksheet to their students and fellow colleagues.

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