Thursday, October 4, 2007

Varying state standards

None of the state standards are relatively similar to one another

Reading vs. mathematics standards

schools aim too low

It is amazing that no state has similar standards in terms of the state reading and mathematics exams. Even though NCLB is a national act, the states determine on how they want to run their educational systems. Each states sets its academic standards and designs its tests and scoring methods, including the required number of points to pass a test – called a cut scoreI wish that they can agree on common grounds on what is passing on the state exams. In this way, it might be easier to compare states in terms of how much progress they are making on a yearly basis. Also several reports indicate that reading standards are much lower than the mathematics.

For instance:

  • In reading, Colorado, Wisconsin and Michigan generally had the lowest proficiency standards.
  • The highest standards in reading were found in South Carolina, California, Maine and Massachusetts.
  • In math, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin were cited as having the lowest proficiency standards.
  • The highest math standards were found in South Carolina, Massachusetts, California and New Mexico.

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