Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are high school graduates ready for college?

Somewhat surprising answer to this question is no. This is truly unfortunate for many students that want to go to college after high school. However, there is a big difference between high school and college. Students are forced to enter remedial coursework due to either their high school coursework or grades. This costs everyone involved with the college student's education tons of money in terms of tuition and time. There are several things that are addressed in high school that students need to develop before reaching college. One of them are critical-thinking skills, such as analysis, interpretation, problem solving, and reasoning skills. Key content knowledge is the essential knowledge of each discipline that prepares students for advanced study, or study of the "big ideas" in each content area. Also students need to develop academic behaviors include skills such as reading comprehension, time management, note-taking, and self-awareness of how one is thinking and learning. Otherwise, college would eat them alive because it in not all fun and games. Students need to learn how to balance their social life with their academic life. It can be tough at times but sometimes we have to make sacrifices. I know that I had while I was working on my bachelor's degree.

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